About Us

ZZZITA JEWELLERY is a female-owned and operated fashion jewelry brand which promoting kindness, self-love and confidence to our audience.

Our team includes a group of hard-working women as we have always wanted to convey the concept of self-love to our customers through jewellery we make.

Unafraid of colour, ZZZITA plays with complimentary hues, bold shapes and materials. Our jewellery is hand-made with responsibly soured metals, which not only provides the highest quality, but also finest craftsmanship. 

Our main lines carry pearl, natural gemstones, sterling silver and gold plated brass, with an eccentric mix of seashells and crystals.

Our customer base is made up of mostly Gen  Z and millennial women, for us, the ultimate goal is to create fashion-forward jewellery that is high-quality and also affordable. We believe jewelry tells a story and can instill a sense of confidence like no other accessory can.We make pieces that we love in the hopes that you will too.